Low-cost fundraising

As the name Two Birds One Stone implies, life is full. Donors don’t have time for old fashioned fundraising and frankly, nonprofits don’t have time for them either. Staff is stretched thin and every available dollar is needed for programming. Fancy events and solicitation letters are out. Integrating giving into daily life is in.


The way to achieve this is through creativity and technology. I work with you to develop creative and fun fundraising ideas that use technology (mobile giving, crowd sourcing platforms, etc) to connect with donors in the course of their daily lives: birthday parties, yard sales, hair salons, bars, and restaurants.

This type of fund raising requires a robust web and social media presence. Don’t have that? I can connect you with colleagues who can help you develop the web and social media platforms you need. Then with the strategy and platforms in place, the result is a continual supply of new donors and fruitful partnerships with local small businesses that turn customers into donors and donors into customers. Two birds one stone.

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