Consulting for nonprofits and small businesses


Two Birds One Stone is a consulting firm that partners with nonprofits to develop fundraising strategies that raise money AND increase the capacity of the organization at the same time. We also work with small/start-up businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships with nonprofits that turn donors into customers and customers into donors.


Two Birds One Stone was inspired by my experience as a development and grant writing consultant to nonprofit organizations and as a mother.

Nonprofits spend a substantial portion of their resources raising money; but ultimately, no matter how compelling your request is, you may not get the money. An economic downturn may reduce donations from small businesses, a large donor may experience a change of heart, a grant may go unfunded through no fault of the applicant. In fact, up to 80 percent of grants that are submitted are not funded. That’s not my depressing statistic. It comes from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

However, there is a way to beat those odds.

Everyone knows that multitasking doesn’t work but in order to get everything done, I need my actions to result in more than one payoff—killing two birds with one stone. I eventually realized that the same was true in my work and that of my clients.

If the only thing you get out of fundraising is money, you’re wasting a lot of time and resources that could otherwise go towards your mission. And worse yet, if your not careful, some fundraising activities may actually damage your efforts related to your mission.

But if your organization implements fundraising strategies that that are efficient, effective, and enhance your mission while raising money, you enjoy a benefit whether or not you get the money. In my experience, if you do it this way, you’re actually more likely to get the money.

The same philosophy goes for small/start-up businesses. Philanthropic efforts should be a two-way street. You can support your community AND increase your bottom line with the right corporate giving strategies.

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