Two Birds One Stone is a consulting firm that partners with nonprofits to develop fundraising strategies that raise money AND increase the capacity of the organization at the same time. We also work with small/start-up businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships with nonprofits that turn donors into customers and customers into donors. See below for the services we offer, and click through for more information.

While Two Birds One Stone is based in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, we have the capacity to work with clients both near and far. If you have a fundraising or small business philanthropy project and are interested in our services, please contact us today!a;sdj;laskjd;lkajds 

Up first, is grant funding right for your organization right now? Many times, I am approached by organizations to write grants for them, only to find that they are not likely to bring in the amount they need from grants or they’re not really ready for grant funding at all…Read more.


Bird_2Low-cost fundraising
As the name Two Birds One Stone implies, life is full. Donors don’t have time for old fashioned fundraising and frankly, nonprofits don’t have time for them either. Staff is stretched thin and every available dollar is needed for programming. Fancy events and solicitation letters are out. Integrating giving into daily life is in…Read more.


Bird_1Consulting for foundations
Sometimes, even the big guys need some help and I have the experience and perspective to provide it. I work with foundations to refine their goals, develop meaningful and efficient RFPs and applications, and review and score applications and proposals to make funding recommendations…Read more.


Bird_4Small business/start up philanthropy planning
As a small business owner, I am asked for donations and to do pro-bono work from nonprofit organizations all the time. Many of these requests come from organizations working with people and families with great need. The problems with making donations to these organizations as they request them is…Read more.


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