photo(39)I have a confession to make. I’ve been doing this development consulting thing for over a decade now but somehow I just never defined what I do based on what I actually enjoy doing rather than what I did because it was offered to me, created an actual brand for myself, or even found a name for my business that wasn’t boring as heck. Alison Aucoin Consulting, LLC. Snooze…

But better late photo(38)than never I guess. Recently I’ve gained a little bit of new experience and a whole lot of new perspective. Together, all this newness has really inspired me. To go after work I want to do instead of just doing what’s offered. To articulate my philosophy. To create an aesthetic that reflects my philosophy. Basically, to sit back, get some perspective on things, and figure out where to go from here.

And as always, my life lessons have parallels to my clients’ work. The staff members of the nonprofits I work with are some committed people! They work so hard on the missions they are so passionate about but eventually, always dealing with the most urgent needs first leads us off track. We get inefficient in our search for efficiency and all too often we get burned out and bitter.

So here’s to fresh starts. Here I am, having transformed myself and my business. I hope you like it and I hope you are inspired! Two Birds One Stone.  photo(34)